Letters to the Editor

'Just have to take it'

Last week, again, the gas prices increased 10 cents from one day to the next. People are wondering why the government does not do anything about those spiraling prices. Well, think: The people in the government who could do something about the situation are heavily invested in oil, making a lot of money, and/or receive tremendous campaign contributions from the oil companies and related industries. Why would they jeopardize that and cut their own profits?

Government officials and politicians (even those just running for office) do not pay for transportation out of their own pockets. While they are using/wasting a lot of gasoline, they may not even know the prices at the pump.

Thus, we ordinary people just have to take it, and pay and pay so that the oil companies can make billions of dollars. The only way we can conserve and save some money in the bargain is, for instance, by avoiding unnecessary driving and staying within speed limits (55 mph is statistically the most economical speed, and it also causes less severe accidents).

Helga Weber