Letters to the Editor

'A de facto draft'

So, you served in Iraq and were honorably discharged. You breathed a sigh of relief that you returned alive and well and got on with life.

My nephew served in Iraq for more than a year. He came home in 2003, started a business and took out loans to build it. Twice he received "generous" offers to re-enlist and turned them down.

This week, he received a recall notice. Guess how the Army is meeting "enlistment goals"? How is this not a de facto draft?

Radical Islamists don't have to attack us. The White House is doing it for them. The lying cowards in the White House intend to keep calling young people back to fight this trumped up, illegal war until they all come home in boxes or prosthetics. Our cowardly Congress does nothing about it.

Oh, I forgot, they have more important things to do -- amnesty for illegal aliens and a genocide that urgently requires attention 100 years after the fact, just to name a couple.

My vote will be a write-in. Daffy Duck is sounding better all the time.

Lois Case