Letters to the Editor

‘Say no to Wal-Mart’

Having lived in Clovis for most of my life, I have a right and responsibility to voice my opinion on what happens in my town. I oppose the Wal-Mart Super Center proposed at Herndon and Clovis avenues.

I attended both the planning commission meeting and the Clovis City Council meetings. At both, there were several hundred Clovis residents who voiced their strong opposition to the Wal-Mart Super Center. The only people there who were for the center were a handful of businessmen who would directly profit from the center — the attorneys, investors, builders and a Wal-Mart manager.

The question I send to the mayor of Clovis and city council members is: Who are you going to listen to? Wal-Mart profiteers — who don’t care about what happens to Clovis — or its residents who care deeply about its future?

The next, and possibly final, meeting and vote on the center will be held Oct. 15. I will be at that meeting also with the hope that the mayor and city council will listen to the citizens of Clovis, make the right decision and say “no” to Wal-Mart.

Elizabeth Rivinius