Letters to the Editor

Old Fig is plenty safe

Re the special ballot due Oct. 23: Old Fig Garden has been my childhood and adult residence for more than 44 years. It’s a unique and wonderful place to live, as well as a way of life.

In recent years, I’ve noticed new neighbors moving to Old Fig from other parts of the city. I’ve talked to some of them, who happily admit they targeted Old Fig for their new home because of its special qualities, including a sense of community, peace and safety.

Speaking of safety, I live alone with my son. I’ve never needed to call the Sheriff’s Department because I felt unsafe. When I have called (a nuisance issue), the response has been prompt and courteous. Why would I now choose to pay $300 more annually for a service I’ve enjoyed for years?

Look closely at the stats, neighbors of Old Fig: Crime is not on the rise. Who is it that is trying to make us believe it is? What are their motives?

Michele R. Taylor