Letters to the Editor

Help with school facilities

The column Sept. 30 by Editorial Page Editor Jim Boren provided a helpful perspective on the Fresno Unified School District facilities-upgrade issue. Those of us who have been working on this for some years find that we now have the benefit of a receptive school board and administration, both essential for addressing facility needs. There also actually appears to be some funds to quickly address some of the more glaring needs, which Mr. Boren identified in his piece. We appear to have a wonderful opportunity to do some good.

It cannot be stated strongly enough that these are community assets, not just school pools and athletic complexes. These facilities are used by Parks and Recreation, Special Olympics and youth soccer and football leagues, among others. Community residents also access these facilities for cost-free exercise. The city of Fresno should consider extending financial support because the entire community will surely benefit from improved facilities. If a community offers a good quality of life, the city will reap many rewards.

We need to keep pushing for these improvements, and we thank The Bee and Mr. Boren for highlighting the issue.

Harold Seymour

Bullard Facilities Improvement Group