Letters to the Editor

Nothing distracts drivers like children in car

I just witnessed a lady pushing a shopping cart while talking on her cell phone with a toddler sitting up in the seat.

As I watched, she steered the cart into a curb, startling the toddler, who was shaken up by the impact.

I'm not in favor of the ban on cell phone use while driving a car, since two screaming children in the back seat of a car fighting over whose turn it is to sit in the front seat is more of a distraction to the driver than any cell phone conversation may be.

Other distractions, like trying to find the cup holder, adjusting the stereo, applying one's makeup or reading the paper, don't distract as much as children.

What we need to ban is children in the back seat while driving and somehow include all those other activities in the state driving exam before one is issued a license to drive.

As for that woman with the shopping cart, she should have her driver's license suspended until she can prove she can walk and chew gum at the same time, before someone gets seriously hurt.

George K. Howsepian