Letters to the Editor

Pay like the rest of us

Is California State University, Fresno, trying to have it both ways? I read with interest your feature on Sept. 28 that Save Mart Center is fighting taxes owed to the county. It seems I am not the only one wondering who owns Save Mart Center. If it is a state building for athletic games, why is it so large?

Testimony from Fresno State staff indicated the building was for women's volleyball and women's and men's basketball games as part of a corrective action plan. I find the building to be huge for most athletic events. If it is huge to attract concerts, tractor events and the like, then pay taxes like the rest of us. Don't waffle on this one; make Fresno State accountable.

There needs to be transparency on ownership and financial responsibility, especially with the next project on Fresno State land breaking ground, according to the developer in an article published in The Bee.

Alberta Ferrer