Letters to the Editor

What's left out

Janet Cloonan (letter Sept. 28) states that SB 94, which, if signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, would inject a total of $12.3 million into California's family-planning industry, is required to keep these clinics open.

Not surprisingly, editorial comments favoring SB 94 never mention that the main business of these clinics is abortion. In fact, they avoid the word "abortion" entirely.

To claim that these abortion clinics need more tax money is ridiculous. California's 34 Planned Parenthood affiliates, were they truly turning away "10,000 clients" per month, would have a couple of options. They could appeal to their national organization, Planned Parenthood Foundation of America. As of last year, it held net assets if $839 million, of which $330.9 million was unrestricted.

They might also cut back on their "pioneering" project of providing hormonal and other medical services for transgendered clients (your tax money at work), or perhaps they might cut down on their rapid expansion of facilities. In 2006, California's Planned Parenthood affiliates reported, in glowing terms, on expansions and modernizations in Bakersfield, Modesto, Merced and other cities "to meet increasing services demands." They boasted of expanding services in still other cities.

Will the real Planned Parenthood please stand up?

Roberta Genini