Letters to the Editor

Revenue source

I agree with Michael W. Niehoff [letter Sept. 29]. Our municipal services bill is already scheduled for future increases, yet more and more often on trash day, I find my bins laying sideways with refuse in the street. When my neighbors and I have called to complain, they've suggested that the whole cul-de-sac place our bins in the center of the street for easier pickup.

My understanding is that this new hide-the-bin law (which, by the way, no one knew about until after it was passed) is intended to "beautify" Fresno. Tell me how 30 bins in the middle of a cul-de-sac for one day is any prettier than Mr. Niehoff's or my bins in front of our fences to allow service providers into our yards.

It is very clear to me that this is designed only as a source of passive revenue for the city, targeting the average, already overtaxed homeowner who is too busy to do anything about it.

Matthew McIntyre