Letters to the Editor

Snubbing consumers

It is truly ironic that a huge major communication supplier has again denied the average user of the ability to make a quick dial up and determine the exact time. This was discontinued without fanfare or notice approximately 10 days ago.

We are constantly being bombarded with ads offering extensive services and how competitive they are for all consumers. I must agree that the newer technologies are wonderful -- almost overwhelming -- as long as one can truly fathom how to use them properly.

Obtaining accurate time has been available via AT&T (formerly Pacific Bell, etc.) for at least 75 years. I challenge the phone supplier to at least offer the service for a small fee if necessary, even though it had been done by computer voice after operators used to do it -- the same as obtaining information which has a charge after a few "free" inquiries per month.

Trying to contact anyone in the phone hierarchy to discuss the matter is impossible. We are told consumers are needed and must be satisfied. I wonder what will be the next service to be discontinued?

Rene Lastreto Sr.