Letters to the Editor

Paying the price for those years of loud music

Recent Bee letter writers believe police need to crack down on the loud music pumping out of cars on city streets. Sometimes the music is so loud I can't hear my cell phone ringing. Oops. I guess we're not supposed to do that either.

I'm not joking. I've missed calls when driving because the music is so loud. Oh, that's right. That's my stereo.

Seriously though, after many years of playing in a rock band and running power tools, my hearing is so bad I miss a lot of what is said. This all came before modern stereos that can blast higher volumes without blowing out their own speakers. I can only imagine the hearing problems many of today's youngsters will experience in later years after living with Walkmans attached to their heads and concert-type speakers that barely fit under the backseat, in their cars.

Do you think if I got one of those I wouldn't have to turn the stereo up so loud? I love music. Scary to think that in a few years I might not be able to hear it. Ya gotta feel the beat!

Bill Ferguson