Letters to the Editor

'We are the enemy'

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is a liar whose falsehoods are blessed by taqiyyah (dissimulation) in his Shiite faith. Grand Ayatollah Sistani defines "reconciliatory taqiyyah" as allowed when one intends to reconcile with an enemy or intends to soften their hearts.

The doctrine of taqiyyah was first developed by Muslim minorities in the early years of Islam and later by Shias for protection from the deadly wrath of majority Sunnis. It finds justification in verses of the Quran, including, "Let not the believers take as protecting friends unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, they shall have no help from Allah, except if you indeed feel danger from them, that ye may guard yourselves from them ..."

Today, wherever Islam feels threatened by Western ideals, taqiyyah deception is practiced. This certainly explains the tendency of Muslims and Muslim states to lie to the West. They claim they are peace-loving. Not so. They claim they are motivated by justice for the Palestinians. Not so. They claim they do not persecute religious minorities. Not so. They claim they do not hang homosexuals. Not so. As long as we do not believe in Islam, we are the enemy. America, beware!

Rev. Roger Minassian