Letters to the Editor

Disappearing land

It is very unfortunate for the residents of Tulare County that all their county supervisors voted in favor of the land measure pertaining to the Yokohl Valley area.

Board Chairman Allen Ishida is quoted as reminding people that the land zone for planned communities isn't just for one project, that of J.G. Boswell Co. and subsidiary Yokohl Ranch Co. This means the future is potentially even worse for Tulare County. You could have the Boswell project and many others.

Allowing development in the foothill areas will not stop development on the prime ag land on the Valley floor. If you drive around Chairman Ishida's district, you will see grove after grove that has been cleared and McMansions plopped right in the middle of the land. Ag use, except maybe for pet horses, is lost.

Large-scale residential development must be confined to already developed areas or Tulare County will begin to resemble the awful sprawl and environmental and aesthetic disaster that characterizes Southern California.

Jess King