Letters to the Editor

'All the difference'

The Clovis Unified School District wonders where all the students are. Interesting. I have a student who moved to Clovis and registered at a north Clovis high school. He is a student of special education and needs extra guidance.

On his first day, the registrar told him he had to go home because he missed a spot under his chin while shaving. (What little hair he grows there!) She sent him home! From Nees and Peach avenues to Barstow and Peach, where he lives, he walked. You better believe his mother pulled him out of there and brought him back to my school.

When she tried to talk to the registrar about why she was pulling him and about her concerns, she was told, "I don't need to know this." Confirmation of why he needs to be moved? Granted!

For some, it is about each individual child, for others, it's about what's on paper and what "paper" is rolling in. Humanity makes all the difference in teaching.

Yvette Boden