Letters to the Editor

Corporate 'fascists'

Recent censorship by AT&T and Verizon shows us what we can expect in a future where powerful phone companies are handed control over the free flow of information. Both corporations have censored Internet speech sent over their lines that is critical of President Bush and the "war" in Iraq.

A primary goal and strategy pursued and used by fascists and other totalitarians to take and keep control of government is the total control of speech and the media, just as AT&T and Verizon are attempting. There can be no doubt that both corporate "persons" are fascists, judging by their policies of censoring free speech on the Internet.

It's time the people demand free speech over all 21st century communications -- on the Internet, on cell phones, on the streets, everywhere. Besides flagrant acts by Republicans and their corporate backers to control and rig elections in states like Florida and Ohio, and their attempted theft of electoral votes in California, their censorship of free speech shows clearly that Republicans have absolutely no regard for the Constitution and constitutional guarantees, the God-given rights, freedoms, liberties, protections and immunities for which hundreds of thousands have died to establish and defend.

Jess Smith