Letters to the Editor

'Compassionate world'

I agree with Donald J. Burdick [letter Sept. 25] regarding living in pain and the torture it causes the soul when there is nowhere to turn for ending it all. Physician-assisted suicide is long overdue for those poor unfortunates living in hell because of personal struggles brought on by prolonged pain, financial burdens and individual health catastrophes. It has become an uncomfortable subject with doctors, politicians, religious zealots, our Legislature and anyone else who cannot fathom this need ever happening to them or a family member or loved one.

Physician-assisted suicide within guidelines established for the bereft families and souls in need of this option should be a choice in place for all of us without being judged, shunned or ignored. I thought that we here on earth were not supposed to judge anyone, for that will be done on a higher level when our time comes. Whatever happened to that saying, "Judge not, lest ye be judged?"

We cannot choose when we come into this life, but it seems only right to be able to have the choice when we feel like "checking out." If physician-assisted suicide were a legal option, what a compassionate world it would be.

Suzette Streiff