Letters to the Editor

Persistence pays off

In response to Virginia Amicarelli's letter [Sept. 25] about poor service she received from AT&T, we had a similar experience. Recently, we were without phone service for four days. We called AT&T (by cell phone) each day, sometimes two or three times, each call lasting 30-plus minutes. We were always given a different excuse for the phone not being repaired.

After much frustration, we called the Public Utilities Commission. They were very helpful and gave us the phone number of the executive office of AT&T. Yes, there is one.

The person at the AT&T executive office was extremely helpful and we were told that if we did not have service restored by the next day to call back. Surprise, surprise. Early the next day, a telephone technician showed up to repair the phone.

Two months later, we had the same problem with the phone. Another 30-minute wait on the phone with AT&T. This time we told the phone technician that if the phone was not repaired the next day, we would call the PUC and the executive offices of AT&T. The phone was repaired the next day. Persistence does pay off.

Richard and Frances Knipper