Letters to the Editor

Don't need Clinton

I write letters because of a speech impediment. I have no idea how many letters I have written over the years. I have lived in Fresno since mid-July, 1957. I've also lived in Hanford. My place of birth is Cleveland. I am still an ardent Cleveland sports fan.

For 6 1/2 years now, my home has been Pacific Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation enter. I am very happy here. I am well-treated.

The day after Easter, my left leg was amputated. On Sept. 14, my right leg was amputated, so I can no longer take any of the pretty nurses dancing. Believe me, there are some pretty ones here. On Nov. 8, I will be 88 years young, I mean, old.

Last Thursday, I was lying in bed watching CNN. They were discussing what role Bill Clinton will play if Sen. Hillary Clinton is unfortunately elected president. Hillary Clinton should not be running for president. She already has served two terms in a position was never elected to -- co-president.

We don't need bogeywoman back in the White House.

Robert L. Alperin