Letters to the Editor

Try using cameras

Regarding the story [Sept. 19] about Sacramento State University President Alexander Gonzales' giving auto dealer Paul Snider letters to help him secure special licenses to hunt endangered animals, please tell me the story is either inaccurate or that I have somehow misinterpreted the story's meaning.

The targeted animals live in Tanzania and are in their habitat, presumably minding their own business. They are a vulture, a hyena and a shrew.

I wrote to President Gonzales. I suggested to him that the use of a camera would not further deplete their gene pool. I paraphrased the words of an Indian chief who observed the senseless shooting of buffalo: "The white man is crazy." The chief could not comprehend such insensitivity and stupidity.

If the shootings take place, I hope the vulture, hyena and shrew taste good.

Carolyn B. Romersa