Letters to the Editor

City needs real leaders

Editorial Page Editor Jim Boren's Sept. 23 commentary was right on target. The task of choosing a new mayor for Fresno will be a very difficult decision for voters. After we hear all of the promises for the betterment of the city, who really knows which candidate actually has the skills to become a strong mayor and follow through with their promises?

Fresno needs city leaders, whether elected, appointed or employed by the city, to ignore the desires of greedy developers and do what is right for the city. Fresno needs city leaders who have a plan for the future of Fresno and follow it. Fresno needs city leaders committed to downtown revitalization. Fresno leaders need to stop suburban growth now and concentrate on making what we already have better.

Before one more planning meeting is scheduled, one more study is ordered or one more developer rides into town with yet one more plan to save downtown, the city of Fresno needs to do something. Even those in favor of a revitalized downtown are sick of hearing about what could happen while seeing that very little is happening downtown.

Paula Mickalian