Letters to the Editor

'Reality' campaign

In thinking about the debate over which method of voting should be used for our next presidential election, I believe I've come up with a solution. Our society seems to be obsessed with those so-called "reality" shows on television. The reason escapes me, but that's fodder for another letter.

Anyway, I propose that all of the presidential candidates of every party stage a series of television debates, say one a week. After the show, one of the candidates could be voted off and, thereby, eliminated from the competition. The voting could be done by the other candidates or by a mean-spirited group of self-centered celebrities with nothing better to do.

The candidate left at the end of the series would be named our president. It could be called "The Who Wants to be the Next American President Survivor Idol Challenge." This would provide the "reality" entertainment so many people crave and save us all that pesky trip to the polls. Think about it. This could work!

Liberty Blair