Letters to the Editor

'A world of peace'

There has been a recent proposal to allocate billions of our tax dollars for new or upgraded weapons of mass destruction. The U.S. has spent more than $5 trillion of our tax dollars on nuclear weapons since the 1940s. The U.S. has almost 10,000 nukes and 5,000 are deployed. We spend $6 billion a year maintaining our nuclear stockpile.

One can only wonder whether, if all that money had been spent on attacking global warming and addressing the chronic poverty and misery in the world, we would have no need for nuclear weapons.

We have to question and demand a shift of our national priorities when it comes to the allocation of billions of our tax dollars. The wasteful spending on weaponry has to change. Indeed, if it doesn't, we will live in a more threatening and dangerous world that can wipe out all of humanity.

We must make every effort to find peaceful means to resolve world conflicts. Then, and only then, will we realize a world of peace for all of us!

Pat Dressler