Letters to the Editor

'Too outlandish'

John Swift [letter Aug. 19] and whoever else believes the current administration orchestrated 9/11 needs to get real. I suggest not listening to opinions based upon rumor, innuendo and conflicted ideologies from people not directly connected with possible conspiratorial activities.

Do you realize how far-reaching such a conspiracy would have to extend? Virtually every member of air-traffic control, politics, military, law enforcement and many other segments of society would have had to cooperate by not going public with facts they knew were clearly treason against their country. But the grand total of people who have done so is zero.

Just think, could the people at the Pentagon remain silent after watching their friends down the hall die in this coup d'etat? It's too outlandish to consider as possible.

Sure, it is easy to accuse thousands of people of such terrible crimes. It is quite another to find anyone directly involved who can testify to facts of this conspiracy, not opinions. God bless America.

Tim Spangler