Letters to the Editor

'Weak leaders'

I read in The Bee [Aug. 19] that a third-grade instructional aide is being removed from her school and moved to another one because a student threatened to kill her with a pair of scissors and tried to hit her with a stick. They must be kidding! Who should be removed here? The student, of course!

This is an indication of where we are going these days -- the innocent are getting punished instead of the guilty. What is wrong with our society? This student is getting the idea that he or she can do whatever without a consequence.

It is just so wrong; students have to listen to and respect their teachers, who are there to help them, not to become targets. What will become of them as grown-ups?

I am utterly disgusted at weak leaders on all levels, who don't stand up for what is right, or don't they know anymore?

Vicki Landgren