Letters to the Editor

'Change is long overdue'

We congratulate the Tulare County Board of Supervisors for considering a change for our current ambulance service to a single provider. We live in the rural part of Tulare County about 20 minutes from Visalia.

In March 2006, we personally experienced the poor response time of our current ambulance system. We called 911 requesting an ambulance. The fire department arrived within 10 minutes. They made two phone calls checking on the arrival of an ambulance. More than one hour after we made the 911 call, the ambulance arrived. It took more than one hour because two ambulance districts were discussing -- arguing -- which district we were in, Visalia or Dinuba!

The benefit of living in a rural part of our county is our choice. No one would ever want to call 911 for ambulance assistance. However, when an emergency does present itself, the existing system is meeting the needs of very few Tulare County residents, and definitely not our needs.

It is courageous of our current county leaders to support the needs of the residents of this county. An ambulance system change is long overdue.

Bob and Diana Pearcy