Letters to the Editor

The war's local cost

In "Critics of war tally cost for the Valley" (story Aug. 17) a spokesperson for Rep. George Radanovich was quoted as saying that the congressman will meet with "anyone who wants to talk as long as they get a request in ahead of time." That, however, was not our recent experience.

Two constituents from Moveon.org visited Rep. Radanovich's Fresno office on Aug. 10 to request an Aug. 16 meeting with him or his representative. We never received a response to our request. At least three staff members in Rep. Radanovich's Fresno office were aware of our Aug. 10 visit to request a meeting. When spokesperson Spencer Pederson says that Moveon.org members did not submit a request, as was quoted in the article, he is both inaccurate and misleading.

Moveon.org released on Aug. 16 a report showing $926 million of local taxpayers' dollars have been spent on the Iraq war. We had hoped to speak with the congressman regarding the report, which also detailed the benefits that could have come instead to the 19th District -- health care coverage for 380,487 people, or 13,976 new elementary school teachers, or 2,773 affordable housing units.

Nancy Griesser