Letters to the Editor

'National law is needed'

The gun lobbies in this country are guilty of two misstatements which should be restated. The first is, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." This statement should be restated as, "People with guns kill people," because the vast majority of murders are committed by people with guns, and certainly this is especially true of the mass murders.

The second statement is that more restrictive gun laws don't decrease the number of murders, and Washington, D.C., is given as the example. The area surrounding Washington, D.C., has a plentiful supply of guns, and recently we have seen that there is little control in this area of the gun laws they do have.

A better example would be Canada, where there is a much greater and more restrictive gun-control law and the number of murders is greatly reduced. A national law is needed to begin to correct this problem. The National Rifle Association and its sympathizers should go to bed every night with a guilty conscience for what they are doing.

Casper Wilhelm