Letters to the Editor

'Here to stay'

I was sitting at my desk at our family-owned small business recently reading The Bee editorial [May 4] about the "Death of small business." My husband and I have owned retail piano stores in California cities continuously since 1981. We have operated a retail piano store in this area for the past seven years, in Fresno and currently in Clovis. We want you to know that our small business is alive and well.

Over the past quarter-century our small business has weathered constant change, in our industry and in consumer values and purchasing attitudes. As stated in The Bee's editorial, it is true that corporate giants have had a severe impact on small businesses, and on our communities, but it is also true that small businesses currently generate half the non-farm output of the U.S. economy and employ about half of all Americans not working for government. Entrepreneurship is as American as apple pie, and small business is an essential part of our national fabric.

Small business in America is not dead. Small business in America is agile and innovative and responsive to the needs of the American consumer -- and small business is here to stay!

Sharon Rossi