Letters to the Editor

'Never the answer'

I have read AB 1634, and, while I could take issue with some of the provisions, I will take issue with Art Goertzen's stance instead [letter May 2].

There has been much legislation to regulate uncontrolled animal propagation which is not enforced. People who raise purebreds and pets do nothing to support this control. Where I live, people from in the lowlands come up here, abandon their animals to Mother Nature and leave with a clear conscience. What is responsible about that?

I keep my dog in a run. She is registered, licensed, and has all her shots. If an abandoned animal doesn't get run over or succumb to predators, and it comes on my property, I am obliged to shoot it, because I don't want consequences to my animals. I feel I am performing a public service that the law and "pet owners" will not. I don't take pleasure in it.

When Mr. Goertzen actually does something that will mitigate my circumstance, I will commend him. Until then, he is as guilty as those who abandon their animals. Government is never the answer. Individuals make the difference.

Ken Hodel

Squaw Valley