Letters to the Editor

Tired of time-lines

I have grown weary of all the talk about time-lines for withdrawal from Iraq from the Democrats and others. Why don't we implement other necessary critical time-lines at home?

A time-line to get lifetime welfare people off government assistance and make them contribute to society.

A time-line for illegal immigrants to prove they obey our laws and have paid taxes and other costs to live in this great nation.

A time-line for Congress and Supreme Court justices to serve and clog our legal system with the same issues over and over (a three-strikes law for proposals).

A time-line for the continual disrespect shown for the President of the United States; there is a proper way to disagree, but work toward solutions, not blame.

A time-line for all government run businesses to follow all laws enacted by our officials, just as private business must do.

Could it be we focus only on the Iraq time-line to get cash in order to finance our homeland issues without accountability?

Don Loyd