Letters to the Editor

'More hugging'

What should one say about a community in which they have lived for 72 years?

Love is the doctrine of my church. The years growing up, as a child, times have changed.

My childhood days on Madison Avenue, then Kerckhoff and then Hammond, were days of knowing our neighbors and their needs. Today we seem to all be in such a hurry that a little kindness and courtesy is lacking. My education in Fresno brings back fond memories of caring and personally caring teachers. Schooling was an extension of family and I felt safe and belonging.

We need to all take the time and be more considerate in our neighborhoods and while driving. Slow down and truly appreciate our town and each other.

The other day, I had a conversation with two of my former North Fork students, who served me a meal and left me with a hug. We need more hugging today and to take the time for dealing with our fellow men. Hug a loved one today, for there may not be a tomorrow.

Raymond F. Ensher