Letters to the Editor

Winners at Burrel

Burrel Union Elementary School has accomplished many feats in the past few years. For the second time, in as many years, we are being recognized in Washington, D.C., for teaching energy conservation and awareness in the fourth and fifth grades.

I am the fourth- and fifth-grade teacher. Tim Bybee, the principal/superintendent, and I will take about eight students to Washington for a four-day conference June 22-25. They will tour Washington and see all the sights. During sessions, they will share what they have experienced and learn more about energy and its uses in the future. They will learn new ways they can make a difference in and on the environment.

The school has been named Rookie Elementary School of the Year. That will be recognized at the National Energy Education Development Project's National Youth Awards Program June 25. The school will be recognized by Congress members and senators for their efforts in energy awareness.

These students from this very small, very rural school will represent Fresno County proudly. They will learn about the nation's capital along the way, and we hope they will enjoy this trip of a lifetime and have fun.

Mary Funk