Letters to the Editor

'Foreseeable debacle'

As a U.S. military adviser in Korea and Vietnam, I learned that, given good language interpreters, Americans can teach foreign troops American methods to operate, maintain and manage resources. Americans cannot inspire foreigners to kill, die and sacrifice their families for a government simply because Americans say they should.

Dubya & Co. issue stern warnings of instability if America gets out of Iraq. This, from people who propose to "democratize" (whatever that means) 1.6 billion Muslims by overthrowing their theocracies.

If Americans knew how to defeat "the enemy" (whoever that is) in Iraq, they would have already done so, rather than "standing up" (whatever that means) an "Iraqi army" (whatever that is) to do the job. The truth is that "the generals" (whoever they are) don't have a clue.

The truth is that Americans are being killed and wounded to keep what passes for the current Iraq government (whatever that is) on life support until Dubya can get out of town and blame anyone but himself for the inevitable, foreseeable debacle he has constructed. "Just when I had 'em surrounded," he'll say, "the Democrats let 'em get away!"

Ken Redfern