Letters to the Editor

It ought to be clear

Protests abound around the nation demanding immediate immigration reform, including one right under our noses here in Fresno, all seem to indicate the popularity of this simple concept. Forget our immigration laws, and just allow border jumpers to have their way.

You'd think it was a done deal, until one considers national polls on the subject. The AOL poll I saw seemed consistent with all the others I've seen. Some 73% of Americans, or more, oppose opening our borders to every Mexican national who wants a new and better life, without benefit of standing in line.

If more than 70% of Americans oppose rolling over on the immigration issue, then why is it even an issue at all, much less the hot button we have today? One would think that an opinion this clear would even be heard in the halls of Congress.

One would, assuming that our politicians on the left didn't need the poverty vote to get into power, and the ones on the right didn't need the good wishes and payoffs of big business that depends so heavily upon this cheap labor. So much for democracy!

D.J. Coates