Letters to the Editor

Not much support

I'm not sure if Lydia Torre's letter (April 10), got any reaction from the public in regards to the Circuit City layoffs of their highest paid employees. If not, then she now knows how we felt when we were laid off and didn't get very much support either.

We were the Vons employees who were laid-off in 2004 and again in 2006, without legitimate reason, warning or support, even from our union. With 15 to 20 years in loyalty, seniority, and experience, those qualities had no value to the Vons/Safeway Co. The company only valued the money it was saving.

I do have to say that the support that we did get from the public was better than the pseudo-support from our union. Our union was more supportive of the company than the employees who had paid dues for all those years.

The practice is only getting started. Except for the people who are still working at Vons, I'm glad that Vons is going the way of Safeway, hopefully never to return. Lucky Circuit City isn't union, it'd be easier to sue.

Pedro Villanueva