Letters to the Editor

'Misguided reaction'

The poison in our society is widespread. Cultures have repeatedly spawned power-hungry people envisioning themselves as elite. Ours would control our very lives, determining what we eat, think, drive and who we elect. Such people dominate America's mainstream media.

Previous administrations overlooked murderous terrorist attacks on American persons and property around the world. Our non-reaction inspired them to kill thousands of us on 9/11, plus demolish our twin-tower symbols of progress and civilization.

As the Japanese admiral was quoted after Pearl Harbor, "I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant." Under President Bush's bold leadership, we took a series of historic steps. The multi-faceted goal has freed millions from despotic dictatorship, raised respect for woman and provided opportunities for free elections and self-government. All this and more is under way in the heart of a Middle East dominated by religious extremists who wish to kill us all.

The media's misguided reaction has been relentless. Day after day we are subjected to omissions, half-truths and misstatements designed solely to discredit President Bush at any cost. That cost includes encouragement of the enemy, which prolongs the conflict and causes the additional loss of hundreds of American lives.

V.J. Christianson