Letters to the Editor

Just move along

"Fun with numbers" (editorial April 23) was about the results of an analysis of the reading passages on the California State Exams school children take each year.

Whether students are "successful" or not, is totally based on test scores. It is all about test scores and accountability. However, the analysis done by reading researchers showed the tests are designed so that 50% of students will fail. They concluded that 50% of the reading passages are one grade level above, 20% are two years above and the rest are three years above the student's grade level.

I am an elementary school teacher and keenly aware of the pressure on administrators, teachers and students. I assure you we are working tremendously hard to meet the expectations of the No Child Left Behind Act so students will be considered "successful."

Teachers at each grade level during reading instruction time are teaching the same thing at the same time and are on the same page of the teacher's manual. To assure that we accomplish a lot, we have a reading and math pacing chart. If the majority of students don't learn the subject, it doesn't matter -- we move on to the next chapter.

Patrick Dunning