Letters to the Editor

'Give Iran a bomb'

President Bush should not veto the Democrats' "run from Iraq" bill. He should sign it into law. He should, however, make it crystal clear to the American public that it is a Democratic bill. That way when total anarchy breaks out in the Middle East, gas goes to $10 a gallon and the U.S. economy totally collapses, then we will never have a Democrat elected again.

This bill will give Iran a bomb that they will use on a U.S. city. I guess if they want to play politics with American lives, then let's quit worrying about 3,100 soldiers. Why not let radical Islamists kill a few million Americans? Then we can all sit back and say, "I told you so."

That is what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants. Why not give it to her? Just make sure that it is San Francisco that gets Iran's first nuclear device.

Bob Albertson