Letters to the Editor

Career Expo success

I was glad The Bee published Edith Barnett's letter April 23, five days after the Career Expo. Fresno has many conscientious teachers who are genuinely passionate about students' future careers. Ms. Barnett brought her whole class to Fresno County Library's Career Center for hands-on experience on career development and interview practice several times.

She makes an effort to locate the resources that can benefit her students. She goes beyond her manuals and test books. I happened to lead a team of nine volunteers offering free mock interviews at the Career Expo. We conducted more than 30 interviews behind library banners and at the baseball bleachers. There were times that three coaches were interviewing three candidates at different places.

I have several pictures of the interviews that will make a good candidate for television reality show: Job interview on a baseball bleacher by a library career coach.

Bernice Kao