Letters to the Editor

'Ultimate disruption'

During a recent Rush Limbaugh radio show, he cited a student who managed to prevent the showing of "An Inconvenient Truth" by using a universal remote to continuously interrupt the film. He was apparently "tickled pink" (oops, not pink) with the innovative ways students devise to disrupt presentations they disagree with.

It is most interesting then that a conservative guru who rants endlessly on respect, standards and compliance with the law would find this amusing. Caution! The next contentious topic may be: "Faith and Values."

But why should we be surprised? Teachers actually attempt to inform and educate students. That's regarded as a foreign and dangerous concept by those adhering to rigid dogmatism. No "prank" that is disruptive in class should be tolerated or condoned.

There are those who extend this view of entertainment to hazing, graffiti and disrespect for their fellow man. Let us not forget the "ultimate disruption" of classes that occurred recently.

Paula Ann Costis