Letters to the Editor

'Create more problems'

Your paper reported that a young man in Chicago was arrested for writing an essay. This young man must think he lives in America and has freedom of speech. It's amazing that someone can be arrested for expressing thoughts or ideas.

This is nothing like yelling fire in the crowded building, but could be a problem sign of something a little deeper. If this young man is disturbed, what would be better, getting mental help for this young man or putting him in with the hardened criminals in our jail system taking a bad situation and making it worse?

One of the huge problems we have in our society today is that we have the inmates running the asylum. Instead of providing a sensible manner for dealing with situations like this, there are individuals who run our society at different levels showing so sign of common sense by dealing with this in a rational manner. They go overboard, taking their actions to extremes that create more problems than they solve.

Robert Dumas