Letters to the Editor

Keep the little kids away from bloody movies

I attended an R-rated movie last week filled with graphic images portraying torture and violence. While walking to my seat, I observed the manager of the theater kicking out three teenage boys because they were underage.

I took my seat and while waiting for the movie to start, I saw a mother walk in with her two tiny children who could not have been anymore than 6 or 7 years old.

During the movie, I could not help but think about those two little kids watching this horrifying movie and how frightened they must be at the scenes of gore and brutality. After the movie was over, I asked the manager why he allowed two little children to attend. He told me that it was OK "as long as they were accompanied by an adult." So he kicks out the teenagers and allows little children in.

If parents are too stupid, uncaring or irresponsible to keep their small children at home when they want to see an R-rated movie, then the theater managers and/or policymakers should have the backbone to stop them.

Bonnie Heintz