Letters to the Editor

Nailing those red-light runners -- on bicycles

This week's sign of the apocalypse -- I was riding my Giant Road bicycle down Willow out by Clovis North and Clovis Hills Community Church. The light right in front of the church was red and there were no cars coming, so I went through the red light on my bicycle.

A California Highway Patrol officer on a motorcycle was sitting at the light and immediately turned on his lights and sirens and pulled me over. I couldn't believe it, he asked for some ID (license) which I didn't have and then lectured me on how I am just like a car and I could be injured and should carry ID etc. ... blah, blah, blah.

He wrote me up and I wish you could see what he put on the ticket.

Violation: ran red light

Vehicle make and model: Giant Bicycle, Black, 2004

Approximate speed: 10 mph

I have to appear in court and take traffic school (do they even have a bike section?) to get it cleared off my record.

I want to be angry, but this was just too funny, so I had to share it with everyone.

This was my first ticket ever.

Joseph Gentry