Letters to the Editor

Abortion questions

To better understand the views of abortion and/or partial birth abortion ban advocates, any comments regarding the following issues would be appreciated.

How do parents deal with the consequences of a severely handicapped child they are forced to bring to term? Should we increase taxes to help support the costs of care or institutionalization of increased numbers of such children? Do all abortion ban advocates adopt unwanted children? Provide respite care for parents overburdened with the 24/7 care of a child with a debilitating condition? Help finance child-care expenses for a young teenage mother who was the victim of rape or incest?

According to www.religioustolerance.org, the heads of some fetuses with hydrocephalus can contain as much as 2 gallons of cerebrospinal fluid. Caesarean sections pose their "own dangers to a woman and any future pregnancies" and a vaginal delivery "would kill [the mother] and the fetus." In such a situation, is limiting parents to these two options moral?

Rabbi Avi Shafran (www.aish.com) states that "the life of a Jewish woman whose pregnancy endangers her takes precedence over that of her unborn." For followers of this doctrine, wouldn't being denied the option of abortion be considered religious discrimination?

Lori Trani