Letters to the Editor

Dissent is unpatriotic?

In response to Christopher G. Tasy (letter April 24):

Thanks for running Amy Goodman's column. She is first-class. But I'll always miss Molly Ivins. If dissent is unpatriotic, then those Germans who supported Hitler during World War II were patriots. What kind of value is that? National polls and honking horns at the Peace Corner, Blackstone and Shaw avenues, indicate that the "fringe" includes the great majority of citizens.

I'm not sure how to define "madman." But someone who attacks a defenseless nation that never threatened your own country and uses white phosphorus and depleted uranium, which also harms our own soldiers, to kill 655,000 of that country's civilians, including mothers and their children, is immoral. Family values, anyone?

I have a hard time justifying most cases of abortion, but there's little point arguing about it. The effective weapon against abortion is access for all to health care including contraception, to good jobs and to a good education. Then women who are forced to consider abortion because they are unable to raise a child would really have a choice. Universal health care and a living wage, anybody?

Bill Simon