Letters to the Editor

Her choice alone

Christopher G. Tasy [letter April 24] seems to have quite a few issues with The Bee's Opinion page. Moreover, the issues seem to be with women columnists. The comment regarding abortion -- "Eventually, all abortion will be rightfully relegated to the trash heap of history" -- is a truly archaic belief. It is the right of a woman to have control over her own body and reproductive decisions; the abortion issue will never be relegated to the trash heap as long as there are those who believe women have the right of choice.

The abortion issue is not a decision requiring Mr. Tasy's approval, or any other man's -- politician or judge. It is truly a woman's issue; truly her choice and hers alone. Whether or not to have a child is a personal decision for any woman. It is not the right of any man or society to make a woman's right to give birth or be forced to give birth, even if it means her death, a political football.

Shame on Mr. Tasy and those who believe as he does, for their ignorance and selfishness.

Robin Walker