Letters to the Editor

Dried by nature

It was quite a coincidence to read Liza Robinson's letter (April 18) on what small changes we can do to for our earth. Among other things, she suggested the use of a clothes line. I had just discussed with my students how hanging clothes to dry was something younger people may not know about.

Several students informed me of something I had not heard before. Is it true that some areas of Fresno do not allow clotheslines? I can understand clotheslines should not cause an unsightly view, or detract from the view of a neighborhood. But is there really such an ordinance prohibiting a clothesline?

How sad if such an ordinance does exist. Our Fresno weather is perfect for hanging laundry to dry, and saving the energy used by a dryer is a plus. How many of us remember the fresh smell of bedsheets dried by nature's sun and air?

Martha Magnia