Letters to the Editor

Don't blame teachers

I write in defense of Fresno Unified School District primary teachers. A recent editorial and other articles give the impression that the teachers do not want to give more time to their children. No mention is made of how many of us work with students after school while they are waiting for their older siblings.

This is time we can spend with one or two who need extra help and individual instruction. Also, the children who are chronically late or absent need some extra time to catch up. There are also those who never complete homework at home and need time to do it.

I am not saying we are opposed to the extended day, but I am offended that it is implied that primary teachers aren't carrying their part of the responsibility of trying to educate children. The primary teachers I know put in hours of extra time after school and on weekends, not to mention the days in summer that are spent preparing for those first weeks.

The time will probably be extended, but please, not because the teachers are not working hard enough!

Christina McTaggart