Letters to the Editor

Story recalls school days and some great taffy

Nostalgia set in recently upon learning (story April 2) that organizers of an arts and science charter school had signed a five-year lease with the city for two acres at the Ted C. Wills Community Center on San Pablo Avenue north of Belmont.

Former students will instantly recognize that as the location of Washington Junior High School, razed many years ago.

My family home, at the corner of Poplar and McKenzie avenues, across the street from Lowell Elementary School, was equidistant to downtown and to Washington, a short 10-minute walk to each.

Attending Washington during 1936-1939, I have many fond memories: great student body, wonderfully dedicated teachers, firm leadership by principal Herman Carlson and a true feeling of family.

The school lacked a cafeteria, and so lunch meant either brown-bagging it or buying it at the food stand across the street from the school on Glenn Avenue.

Rare was the student who did not visit Morrison's, the very popular mom-and-pop candy shed in the alley adjacent to the school. Morrison's homemade taffy was the best in town.

Washington graduates attended either Fresno High or Fresno Tech, roughly in equal numbers.

As Archie Bunker would opine, "Those were the days."

Eugene Christos