Letters to the Editor

'Four years too late'

Recently we heard President Bush telling us that politicians in Washington should not dictate to our commanders in the military. He was referring to the Democrats timetable in the current war funding bill.

I found it unforgivable that he chose that argument because he has such a shameful history of doing just that. Since before this war began, he has sidelined any general who has disagreed with his plan. He listened to Donald Rumsfeld and not his generals, who like Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni and Gen. Eric Shinseki, warned that almost double the number of troops the Bush team pushed for were needed.

During the beginning of the war we kept hearing Rumsfeld and Bush tell us that we don't need more troops. They claimed that the commanders on the ground in Iraq didn't ask for them, but that's because every general who disagreed with them was pushed out. Now, only after losing control of the Congress to the Democrats, does President Bush finally listen to his commanders -- unfortunately, four years too late.

Dan Gallagher